Libyan Human Rights Activist Flees, BBC Newsnight Film, Katalyst Productions, December 2012.

Magdulien Abaida was a secular women's rights activist in Libya who was abducted and beaten by an Islamist militia in Benghazi, Libya and forced to flee and gain asylum in the UK.  She told her story exclusively to the BBC.

Sharron Ward Produced and Directed this BBC Newsnight film. Reporter: Tim Whewell, Executive Producer: Sara Afshar, Newsnight Editor: Karen O’Connor.

  • "Sharron brings a great deal of knowledge and insight on geo-politics within the Middle East & a cultural understanding and empathy of the issues, and is fun and easy to work with. She thinks hard about the films she makes & the journalistic balance and integrity that is required on a rigorous flagship programme such as Newsnight. The film she worked on with us was also nominated for a refugee award and had a strong impact long after it transmitted."