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Our main production base is in Aotearoa, one of the world's most famous locations for it's diverse and rich wildlife, marine mammals and cinematic awe-inspiring scenery.  We can provide a full line production service to film your broadcast projects & segment blocks in this stunning cinematic location, whether we do it all ourselves, or we accompany incoming crews.

We can offer a full production service supplying directors, producers, cinematographers and camera operators – including underwater, drone/aerials, natural history & wildlife filming.

Our crew have all worked for British and global broadcasters and streaming platforms, so you can be assured of high editorial, cinematic and technical standards. We have access and experience in filming around the whole of the North and South Islands as well as in the South Pacific and South East Asia. We've filmed all across the globe in challenging & hostile locations. Our speciality is climate change, conservation, natural history & wildlife - especially marine wildlife in Aotearoa.

If you’re thinking of filming indigenous projects or wildlife in Aotearoa, it is crucially important that you consult us from the the get-go so that we can liaise with mana whenua from the ground up. Katalyst is committed to de-colonising the narrative and only works on productions where the voices of Māori are respectfully represented. 

We have a team of Māori cultural and locations advisors at hand who can advise on tikanga (Māori customs & traditional values) and help with production management and logistics.

Video Production

We have made award-winning documentaries & content for the BBC, UK's Channel 4, ITV, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, MTV, TVNZ & many more.

Underwater Filming

We have access to a specialist team of Underwater camera cinematographers who specialise in natural history, oceanography & marine wildlife.

Aerial Video

We have access to a team of Civil Aviation Authority-certified drone operators who can shoot those gorgeous cinematic aerials we all love.


Filming Wildlife & Natural History

Conservation & Climate Change Solutions

Filming Travel Expeditions & Adventure

Some of the Broadcasters, Production Companies and Streaming Platforms we have worked with include: