Tripoli Underground series - The Guardian

Tripoli Underground is series of films filmed, directed & produced by Sharron Ward commissioned for the Guardian online. It was filmed in Libya just after the fall of Gaddafi and documented the "accidental activists" who, working anonymously during the Libyan civil war, sought to defy the Gaddafi regime through any means they could: from joining the 'electronic army' fighting the battle online, to orchestrating many acts of passive defiance and civil disobedience. Sharron Ward researched, found, and filmed those who, at great risk to their personal safety, dared to defy the 42-year rule of Colonel Gaddafi.

As the Western media were unable to move around Tripoli and talk freely to its residents, no one knew the true extent of the resistance nor of the many brave acts of defiance carried out by the citizens of Tripoli. The speed with which Tripoli fell surprised many, more so because Colonel Gadaffi had tried to convince the world that the capital city was his stronghold.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Waiting for “zero hour” the pre-determined cry of “Alluah Ahkbar” from the Mosques on the day of August 20, signified it was their time to rise up and strike at the heart of the Gaddafi Regime. Only now can their true stories of resistance be told.

You can view the Tripoli Underground series on The Guardian.