How Police Missed the Grindr Killer, 1 hour documentary, BBC TV Current Affairs, BBC3, 2017

Sharron Ward was the AP/Journalist investigating the serious police failings in the Stephen Port gay serial killer case. Stephen Port drugged, raped and murdered 4 young gay men in Barking, Essex. For over a year police failed to properly investigate the deaths of these men and link them to a serial killer. This shocking film tells the definitive story of how the families of the victims desperately tried to get police to investigate their son’s deaths.

Sharron Ward followed the 7 week multi-murder trial at the Old Bailey, liaising with the Met Police, CPS, and negotiated access to all the contributors in the film, as well as conducting the sensitive filmed interviews with the grieving families.

Executive Producer Adam Jessel, AP Sharron Ward, P/D Steven Grandison, for BBC TV Current Affairs/BBC Three. The film also aired on BBC One to an average of 1.5 million viewers and was ‘Pick of the Day’ in The Observer.

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A short film in the BBC Three series How I Discovered a Serial Killer profiled how John Pape, one of the victims friends, discovered there was a serial killer.

The film which unpicked the deeply inadequate police investigation into Stephen Port helped give the victim's families a chance to speak out about their attempts to get justice for their boys. It's received a huge response on social media - with over 2.4 million views on YouTube for the short film.