Marking the first anniversary of the Grenfell tragedy, this one-off special for ITV, focussed on the survivors' stories, piecing together the 24 hour timeline of the tragic events that unfolded. Starting at the first report of the blaze at 12.54am on June 14 and continuing through to the moment the London Fire Brigade brought the fire under control 24 hours later, this film provides a vivid insight into the tragedy by using the testimony of survivors, eyewitnesses, people that lost loved ones and a firefighter.

Narrated by Sophie Okenado, PD John Holdsworth, Producer Sharron Ward, Executive Producer Tayte Simpson. A Mentorn Production, June 2018. The film saw 1.7 million viewers on the night of TX. To watch the film and read the press reviews and articles and the ITV This Morning interview, click on the photos below.

Grenfell ITV card
  • Justice has yet to be done after the tragedy; this tremendous film should provide fresh impetus.