Syria: Hidden War on Women, short documentary for Channel 4 News, Katalyst Productions, 2015

As the Syrian war entered its fifth year, the pressures on displaced families caused a dramatic rise in violence against women.  But domestic abuse is a taboo subject in Syrian society, and the true scale of the problem is largely unknown.  Violence against women is the "hidden war on women" in Syria.

Sharron Ward gained rare access to brave Syrian refugee women survivors living in Jordan and Lebanon, who spoke out in their own words about their experiences of forced child marriage & domestic violence.

Filmed, Directed & Produced by Sharron Ward, Editor: Andy Kemp, Executive Producer: James Brabazon for Channel 4 News UK. The film was longlisted for an Amnesty Media Award in 2016.

The film has had an excellent impact on social media and has had over 308,000 views on YouTube.

Sharron Ward
Sharron Ward