Syria: Brides for Sale, short documentary for Channel 4 News, Katalyst Productions, 2013.

This short investigative documentary exposed the plight of Syrian refugee women who were sexually exploited, raped, trafficked and forced into child marriage in the world’s second largest refugee camp – Zaatari in Jordan.  The growing crisis of the Syrian civil war resulted in an influx of Syrian refugees across the border to Jordan – and aid agencies such as UNHCR and UNICEF struggled to cope.  

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The film was also sold & broadcast on Germany’s ZDF “Ausland Journal” programme and has had over 2.5 million views on YouTube. 

Filmed, Directed & Produced by Sharron Ward in Jordan, Reporter: Jackie Long, Edited by Agnieszka Liggett, Executive Producer: Job Rabkin for Channel 4 News, UK. Duration: 10 mins.

The film was longlisted for a One World Media Award, 2014.  It was part of ITN’s “Syria’s Descent” series which was Awarded the International Emmy for News in September 2014

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