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We’re working on developing a number of self-authored, authored and observational documentaries both in the UK and internationally.

Libya: After the Fall” is a unique insight into the heart of the Libyan Revolution.  We hear from the Freedom fighters and resistance activists who recount the story of their defiant uprising which overthrew the 42 year tyrannical rule of Mummar Gaddafi.  But “democracy” and “freedom” comes at a price, and this film documents the struggles of the new Libya slowly coming to terms with the challenges of re-developing a country lost in the turmoil of war crimes, human rights abuses & a severe lack of law and order.  After the Fall of Gaddafi, comes the hard part.  Currently in development & some pre-production, a feature length and 1 hour television version.  Directed, Produced & Filmed by Sharron Ward.

You can keep up to date with the film by Joining the Facebook Page or Follow us on Twitter.  To see short films from Libya directed & filmed by Sharron Ward – see the News Pieces & Short Films Page.

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