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We specialise in making powerful, insightful and moving observational documentaries and investigative films – particularly in developing countries and post-conflict settings, but we also make self-authored documentaries and reconstructed factual films in the UK for all the major broadcast channels.

We thrive on finding & filming compelling characters that sheds light on important social issues in modern British society such as criminal justice, knife crime, mental health, human rights abuses, drug addiction, homelessness & cancer.


The Selfless Sikh: Faith on the Frontline, BBC One, November 2016

Sharron Ward filmed & directed this BBC One documentary following the inspiring humanitarian Ravi Singh who provides aid to over 4oo Yazidi women and families who were held captive by ISIS. The film received overnight ratings of 1.5 million viewers. The film helped to reveal the plight of the Yazidi who are effectively the victims of a genocide perpetrated by the world’s most brutal terror group, ISIS. Thousands of Yazidi women and girls are still currently held in sexual slavery by ISIS. The film also aired around the world on BBC World News in over 196 countries.

Produced by Anna Cox, Executive Produced by Tommy Nagra for BBC Studios.

The film was shortlisted for the Sandford St Martin TV Documentary Award in 2017; and nominated for Best TV Programme at the Asian Media Awards.  It won Best Single Documentary at the RTS North West Awards in November 2017.  


Donna Taylor

How the Police Missed the Grindr Killer, BBC TV Current Affairs, BBC Three, Feb 2017

Sharron Ward assistant produced this film which documented the harrowing story of how police repeatedly allowed a serial murderer to slip through their fingers. Stephen Port date-raped and murdered four young gay men in East London within fifteen months and dumped all four bodies within a few hundred metres of each other. Yet Barking and Dagenham police failed to link the deaths, until weeks after the fourth one.

This film tells the story through eyes of the families and friends of Port’s victims, unpicking how the police failed to properly investigate each of the deaths in turn. The film was commissioned and published by BBC3, 16 February 2017.

Assistant Producer Sharron Ward, Executive Producer Adam Jessel, Filmed, directed & produced by Steven Grandison.


grindr killer

Grindr Killer: How I Discovered a Serial Murderer, BBC TV Current Affairs, BBC Three

Sharron Ward assistant produced this short film which tells the story of how one courageous man, John Pape, repeatedly tried to raise the alarm with the local Barking & Dagenham police about a spate of suspicious deaths of young gay men in Barking, London.  The film was published online following the conviction and sentencing of Stephen Port at the Old Bailey in London, November 2016.

Executive Producer Adam Jessel, Filmed, directed & produced by Steven Grandison.


Addicted in Afghanistan, feature length documentary, Katalyst Productions, 2009

An intimate feature-length observational documentary that explores the heart-breaking reality behind the headlines as seen through the eyes of Jabar & Zahir, two 15 year old drug addicts living in Kabul.  The documentary is an intimate and uncompromising portrayal, filmed over a year, of the day to day struggles of a new generation of children addicted to heroin, trying to find their way in the new Afghanistan.  Addicted has won multiple awards, selected to screen at over 30 international film festivals and has been licensed to several broadcasters around the world.

For full information about Addicted please go to the Addicted in Afghanistan Site & Join the Facebook page, and Follow the film on Twitter @AddictedAfghan.  The film was made with the kind support of the Jan Vrijman Fund of IDFA.

Dur: 78 mins, Format: HDV/Digital Betacam, Stereo Sound Colour, Ratio: 16:9FHA, Languages: Farsi, Dari, Pashto, Persian  Subtitles: English Countries of Production: UK/Afghanistan/Netherlands  Status: Complete 2009, Credits: Filmed & Directed by Jawed Taiman, Edited by Jason Brooks, Music by Elias Shahna & Deen Mohammed Ghamkhmer, Online Editor Nigel Taylor, Produced by Sharron Ward Production Companies: Film FX Zone Ltd/Katalyst Productions Ltd.

Please see the Doc Alliance site to stream or download Addicted.


Heroin: Facing the Dragon, observational documentary, Current TV, 2007

An observed documentary on two UK crack and heroin addicts detoxing in a radical treatment programme in a Buddhist Monastery in Thailand.  The film aired on Current TV June 2010  in the UK and at several film festivals around the world.

Dur: 57 minutes, Format: DV Cam PAL, Stereo Sound Colour 16:9, 2007  Country of Production: UK/Thailand, English language, no subtitles, Credits: Director/Producer Richard Higson, Co-Producer Chris Armstrong,  Associate Producer/DV Director Sharron Ward, Production Company: Strong Films/Curve Films.

See the East/West Detox website for further details.  You can also watch the doc on Youtube.



Cannes in a Van, 1 hour documentary, France/UK, Katalyst Productions, 2007

Three blokes, a projector and one big old ‘pimped-up’ Transit van, take on the big guns at Cannes 2007 in a new approach to guerilla cinema.  Meet Andy, Si & Jamie – they have a dream.  A dream to take some of the most vibrant, intelligent and independent films, to the glitziest film festival in Europe and screen them from the back of a van.  The biggest film festival in the world meets the smallest film festival in the world.

In a year where there were no British films in competition at Cannes, Cannes in a Van bought their very own unofficial British selection instead.  “Cannes in a Van” the film, documents their trials and tribulations in making that dream come true.   We follow the movie mavericks from the lead up, the technical difficulties on opening night, the chaos of the night of departure, driving through France for a total of 26 hours, to the overwhelming success of their nightly screenings.  Meet the mental Troma team as they self-publicise their new film “Poultrygeist” in the true spirit of guerilla film making, and watch the boys meet film makers from L.A., New York, France, Britain, Italy, all pitching, hustling and screening their films at Cannes & in Cannes in a Van.  Featuring a cast of chicken zombies, vomiting French cinephiles, pimps & hos, eco-warrior heroes, the ubiquitous Cannes boat party, Italian American toy boy actors, a ninja and the odd British wannabe film maker.  Dur: 1 hr, Countries of Production: UK/France, Format: DV Colour Stereo Sound.

Language: English, Production Date: 2008, Status: Complete, Screenings: Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes, May 2008, Credits: Filmed, Directed, Produced & Edited by Sharron Ward, Audio dub James Tinney, Barchord   Additional Camera Eleanor Bowen-Jones, Production Company: Katalyst Productions Ltd.  Available for acquisition contact us here.

You can now buy to view the film online for streaming or download here!

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