Katalyst is an ethically conscious content creator and we focus on making content and promoting brands and organisations that are also ethically conscious and sustainable.  We use our vast experience making award-winning, impactful and viral films to help promote ethically & environmentally conscious brands and campaigns – whether they're ngos and charities campaigning for climate action or social justice, or brands who have sustainability and equality at the heart of their ethos. 

We’re here to help advocate for change by communicating positive solutions designed to combat the climate emergency – especially focussing on our moana – our oceans, on our wildlife, on bio-diversity and on the whenua – the land along with the forests and the trees.  And yes, we’ll also communicate how and why this change is so urgent.  That doesn't mean we can't travel - we love to travel, but it's about how we do that in a sustainable and eco-conscious way, so that we have less impact on carbon emissions globally.

We communicate these urgent issues for brands and organisations to raise awareness and advocate for change, by using our well-honed documentary story-telling skills gained from our background making Emmy-award winning social justice, human rights and human interest films and documentaries.

At the heart of every story is an engaging, relatable character and most of our digital content is character led.  Sharron Ward also has a background working with some of the world’s biggest advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, M&C Saatchi, McCann Erikson & Colenso directing and art directing visually compelling television commercials & pop promos originally shot on 35mm and 16mm as well as producing and directing campaign films and programme trailers for international broadcasters since the early 1990s.

We can devise concepts, write, pitch, shoot, direct, edit and  produce high-quality digital content from conception to delivery. Many of our short films are translated into print content for major global publications such as the BBC. We’re a one-stop shop for all your communication needs.

Feel free to contact us for details on how you can commission us to make cost-effective, inspiring and impactful films that communicate the message or kaupapa of your organisation and reach the audiences that you need.

Untold Stories - Kindness in Mind. Produced, Directed & Edited by Sharron Ward, Filmed by Ewan Mulligan and Online Edited by Nigel Taylor.  Broadcaster: Community Channel, June 2012.  Filmed on Canon 7D, Dur. 5 mins.

We made a film in the UK for The Media Trust’s Untold Stories Strand - "Kindness in Mind."  This was a film for the women’s mental health charity Kim Inspire.  It was  Many thanks to the folk at KIM & the wonderful women who shared their personal stories in the film.

  • “We needed a short promotional film to showcase the work of KIM and highlight the problem with the stigmatisation of mental illness.  We have used the film on many occasions and it’s been a really great way to get our message across visually. Sharron managed to sensitively film our work and produce a film that we’re really pleased with.”

  • “The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots has been pleased to co-operate with Katalyst on a series of short films for our YouTube channel. Katalyst provides high-quality filming and editing services at a very reasonable cost for non-profit organizations. These films have allowed the public to see the people behind the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots and understand the many concerns association with the prospect of so-called lethal autonomous weapons systems.”

Joy in the Jungle: The Good Chance Theatre, short observational documentary, Filmed, directed, produced & edited  by Sharron Ward, Katalyst Productions, 2015.

A short promotional film profiling the work of The Good Chance Theatre which provided respite to refugees and migrants in “The Jungle” in Calais in 2015.  Featuring interviews profiling the two British playwrights Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson who founded the Theatre.  We also meet the migrants and refugees in “The Jungle” and hear why they fled their home countries and why they’re even prepared to die in their attempts to get to the UK.

Katalyst was back at the UN in Geneva to document the tireless work of the Stop Killer Robots team headed by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams, as they lobbied UN diplomats during the Convention on Conventional Weapons and Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (CCWLAWS) in April 2015.

Prior to this, Katalyst was commissioned to produce and film a series of films for the global launch of the Stop Killer Robots campaign – spearheaded by Human Rights Watch & Article 36 in London.  Please check out the films and see why a ban to stop autonomous weapons from killing people is a humanitarian necessity. Directed, filmed & edited by Sharron Ward.

Katalyst has experience filming with UN diplomats, ambassadors and high-level negotiators, including interviewing the Director-General of the UN in Geneva.

If you would like to have a film to launch your campaign – don't hesitate to get in touch.

Katalyst was commissioned by Eve Ensler’s organisation Vday, which was set up to combat violence against women, to celebrate the launch of the One Billion Rising Campaign in London in February 2013.  Supporters during the evening included Anoushka Shankar, Thandie Newton, Eve Ensler, and many performance acts including Students from East 15 Acting School performing “Break the Chain.”

We were commissioned by the UNFPA (the United Nations Fund for Population Activities) to make two films in Lebanon and Jordan to highlight the reproductive health and pregnancy of Syrian refugee women, as well as documenting the strength and resilience of lone Syrian refugee women forced to flee Syria.

The first film called “Far from Fear” documents the stories of Mona, Sara and Samar – 3 incredible Syrian women who each overcame their own personal suffering –  from fleeing domestic abuse; grieving for their husband who was killed in Assad’s prisons; and struggling to feed and house their children in a foreign country.

The second film called “Broken Dreams; Healing Hopes” documents the pressures Syrian refugee women face in marrying too early, and the difficulties in accessing reproductive health care as a refugee. The film also showed a rare interview of a Syrian male perpertrator of domestic violence, owning up to the difficulties and pressures Syrian refugee men face.  The film also documents the incredible work of the UNFPA maternity unit in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. The films were officially selected for the Women Deliver Global Conference in 2016, which champions girls and women on a global stage

Sharron Ward was also commissioned to photograph Syrian refugee women and men for the UNFPA State of Population Report 2015.

Some of our earlier films and commercials include:

Morrison Hotel clothing television commercial, 30 secs, 16 mm, 1997.  Katalyst was commissioned to produce a series of TV commercials designed exclusively for cinemas showcasing the New Zealand clothing label Morrison Hotel. Directed, produced and conceived by Sharron Ward.

One of our first ever PSA’s (public service announcements) was made in New Zealand for World AIDS Day in 1997. It was directed by Sharron Ward & produced by Leanne Saunders (who is now Head of Development & Production at the NZ Film Commision).  It was awarded the New Zealand AIDS Foundation Media Award.

Sharron Ward has also produced branding campaigns for the MTV Social arm of MTV Networks Europe.

Why us?

Top-Spec Filming Kit

We have access to 4K camera kits including Arri Alexa mini LF, Sony Fx9 as well as the usual documentary and video workhorses such as Canon C300 & Sony Fs7s. We use drones, gimbles, sliders, prime lenses - the whole kit & caboodle.

30 Years of Experience

We've been freelancing in the television & film industry since the mid 1990s making everything from TVCs, drama series, features, music videos, trailers, campaign films and documentaries for some of the world's top broadcasters & streamers.

High-end Crew

We have a team of high-end DoPs, camera operators, producers, drone operators, underwater camera ops, specialist aerial services and production crew that we can call on to acheive that creative, cinematic look we all love.