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Latest Work

Israel vs Israel, observational documentary, Katalyst Productions, 2014.

A short observational documentary profiling the Jewish-Israeli left in Tel Aviv who opposed the war and siege on Gaza. During the summer of 2014, Israeli lefties held numerous anti-war demonstrations, but were routinely beaten up, insulted and sent death threats by ultra-right wing nationalists. This film was a shocking insight into the terrifying world of far-right fascism in Israel. Sharron Ward gained access into the racist Jewish extremist movement “Lehava,” who are against Arabs and Jews mixing and who carry out attacks on Palestinians in Israel. The film has had over 892,000 views on Facebook alone.

Researched, filmed, produced, directed & edited by Sharron Ward in Israel and Palestine. Executive Producer: Aloke Devichand, 2014, AJ +/Al Jazeera America, Duration: 10′

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