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Katalyst Productions is a London-based film & television news & documentary production company founded by award-winning Producer/Director Sharron Ward.
We believe in “Making Films that Matter,” and we’re committed to making unique well-authored films about the human spirit, inspiring individuals, organisations and people who make a difference in today’s world.  Utilising journalists and filmmakers based in the countries they report on, we gain exclusive access, contacts and a wider understanding of complex issues particularly in the Arab world. We’re interested in human rights, social justice, current affairs and democratic abuses around the world, and make independent news stories and feature length documentary films from an inside perspective.

We are currently developing several observational international feature-length documentaries, self-shooting on DSLR & HDV, as well as developing more contemporary popular factual documentary formats for the UK market.  We also make campaigning films, PSAs and features for NGOs, Corporations, Government bodies and the Third Sector.

With our extensive experience as Producer/Directors, Television Commercial Directors, Art Directors, & Promo Producers, we are well equipped to make exciting, creative, innovative films.

You can see some of our work on the Katalyst Youtube Channel or on Vimeo.  For news updates please see the Katalyst Blog.

“Giving a voice to the voiceless.”

All photos & content © Sharron Ward/Katalyst Productions Ltd.  All Rights Reserved.


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